Educational Programs:  

The Vanguard Educational City is comprehensive educational venture starting from primary to Ph.D programs under one roof/campuses like an educational city providing all the facilities to the students and their families. It would be a self generating project ( Vanguard Refugee Tower) to make the students self reliant to avoid any criminal conduct.

Priority and right to admission will be for the students from poor and victimized families, aiming at acquaintance with the ethics of respect to humanity under our SuperMoto "Live and Let Live".

We strongly feel that youth attracted to the ugly motives of terrorism, should be harnessed from grass root level, before they go astray.

Vanguard Community Tower

The hard fact remains that we are always in deficiency to provide proper accommodations to the victims after a mass destruction. People have to be rescued and provided safe shelters, we therefore have planned to construct multi storied buildings, called, relief cities or relief towers, equipped with all the basic amenities and provisions to let them feel at home until needed rehabilitated. An extreme care will be taken to utilized these shelters for emergencies only.
1.- The orphans who have lost their parents or father.
2:- The children having their parents or family members in jail or detention centers facing lengthy litigation or legal procedures.
3:- children forced for begging by the exploiters and criminals.
4:- children with separated and distorted families owing to divorce or any other reason.
5:- children with edict parents facing drug abuse or vulnerable to be edict in future.
6:- children with parents or families under debt.
7:- children having sick or hospitalized parents effecting their own life to a possible acceptance to a disease.
8:- children having mentally retarded parents or suffering from mental illness.
9:- children victimized by natural or man made disasters, like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars or forced evictions from their homes and countries.
10:- children vulnerable  and to be enticed to sexual abuse or other menaces.
11:- children involved as child laborers or coerced to work in their early life. 

Vanguard Youth Service

Awards and Certificates: Syllabus and Youth Activities will be acknowledged with awards and certifications.

A center will be established in the Vanguard community tower for recreational and training activities to be utilized by the city dwellers to enjoy the indoor activities and games introduced by our youth club.  


Following is the scope of our activities and programs.

  • Outdoor Camping and Training

  • Basic Health Principles

  • Nature Study

  • Fire Safety

  • Photography

  • First Aid

  • Coin Collecting

  • Swimming

  • Dog Care

  • Forestry

  • Leather work

  • Training to meet disasters

  • Family Life Education

  • Tree Plantation

  • Astronomy

  • Angling

  • Orienteering, Map, Reading, Compass and map setting

  • Rowing

  • Pioneering

  • Canoeing

  • Collections as hobbies

  • Archery

  • Geology

  • Personal Management

  • Home Repairs

  • Wildlife Management

  • Small Boat Sailing

  • Climbing

  • Citizenship in Nation

  • Personal Fitness

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Backpacking and hiking

  • Life Saving

  • Cooking

  • Environmental Science

  • Traffic Police Training

  • Rescue Training

  • House Making

  • Flood Proof House Making

  • House Building

  • Art and Crafts

  • Backwoodsman Cooking

  • Map Drawing and the use of compass

  • Pioneering for Safety

  • Awareness against victimization and exploitation

  • Estimation

  • Nature Study

  • Leadership training and workshops

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