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Outdoor Youth Programs

Vanguard Service Brigade Corp. Outdoor Youth Programs

In an uncertain world, at-risk youth are the most vulnerable of populations. Vanguard Service Brigade Corp. is here to level the playing field with outdoor youth programs, including camping and outdoor survival training. We provide education and skill training for all facets of life through our youth organization. When we use the term at-risk youth, we're referring to young people who, because of their lack of education and economic status, are easy prey. These children run the risk of falling into the hands of child traffickers, religious fanatics, and others who take advantage of innocence.

Because self-esteem is a vital part of survival, we provide lots of activities to increase their confidence. Our outdoor youth programs include nature study and wildlife management as well as photography, which increases observation skills and respect for the planet and all of its inhabitants. There's also swimming, canoeing, and hiking to build stamina. And our wilderness survival training includes learning how to hunt, archery, map reading, and cooking by campfire.

Our youth organization works to arm our young men and women with a strong sense of self and real survival skills, including critical thinking. Vanguard Service Brigade Corp. outdoor youth programs prepare them to keep a clear head in an emergency and assist where needed with first aid training. Do you know young people who need a helping hand? Then get in contact with Vanguard Service Brigade Corp. Outdoor Youth Programs to see how we can help.

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