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Mission Statement and Objectives

We stand determined to have optimum utilization of youth potentials by means of education, awareness campaigns, skill training, financial assistance, or any source within our reach with the help of society and community, including our contribution and experience we have gained through scouting and youth involvement. To the best of our knowledge and research our youth and children are an easy prey to the nefarious designs of terrorists, religious fanatics, warring factions, and kidnappers. This is all owing to the lack of knowledge illiteracy and awareness. We therefore are determined to provide them training to rescue others, tackle with disasters, like fire, flood, earthquake, storms, or any other accident. It is evident that in case of emergencies the trained social workers are less in number as compared to the spectators, who are otherwise worthless or an obstacle to the rescue operation.

The organization aims at issuing identification to the individuals and the organizations likely to help, which is necessary because of the fake workers and organizations. To be well recognized, with separate identity and unique entity, it would be great honor for them.

Live and Let Live

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